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Bäranjäger: Dating back to the 18th century Germany, this honey liqueur recipe was formulated to lure bears out of their dwellings by hunters.Originally called Bärenfang "Bear Trap," this drinkable honey was not only enticing to the bear, but soon became the drink of choice to the bear hunter as well.

ABV: 35%

Apfel: This is a delicious award-winning mix of Germany's best apples and grain spirits. It is sweetly tart, with baked apple flavors, and almost no discernible alcohol taste.

ABV: 21%

Eierlikor: Rich and creamy liqueur made from eggs, sugar, and brandy. It has a smooth taste that is fairly similar to almonds. It can also be served as an aperitif or digestif. The smooth taste of Benchmark Bourbon Eggnog will have you reminiscing of Christmases past!

ABV: 20%

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