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2022 European Cuisine


Blinchiki Crepes

Blinchiki are Russian style crepes, brought to the Christkindlmarket by Gugu International. These blinchiki are made using grandma’s old recipes, that are passed on from one generation to another. All the ingredients are local fresh

organic products that make

for a delicious meal!


Bob's Roasted Nuts

We believe you should feel good

about satisfying your sweet tooth. While using only all natural, gluten free, and vegan ingredients. We offer freshly roasted nuts, combined with cinnamon, pure cane sugar, vanilla and a touch of salt to protein

packed nuts, for an amazing

flavor experience!



Chocoidea brings us international chocolate carved into unique designs including realistic hand sculpted tools and figurines that will leave you in awe!


Coffee & Cocoa


Cocoa and Coffee Haus features decadent cocoa and bold rich coffee. Our spiked cocoa is a festival favorite. We are happy to announce that we are adding spiked spiced cider to

our menu.  We offer Mozart

Chocolate and White Chocolate liqueur among a variety of

other liqueurs. 




Corey’s Chocolate is handcrafted in Estes Park with a commitment to high-quality ingredients and the best-sourced chocolate in the world. Some of Corey's Chocolate's offerings at Christkindl are molded chocolates

and truffles, peppermint bark with

Belgian chocolate, and our thin slabbed English-style


Healthy Harvest.jpg

Healthy Harvest

Healthy Harvest started out by

offering pure, extra virgin olive oil straight from a family farm in Greece. Since then, their mission has grown to offer organic, traditional foods and products and the captivating

stories of where they

came from.

pretzel close_edited.jpg

Kaiser Bakery

Bavarian Pretzel and homemade Cheddar Cheese Dip, Christmas Stollen and authentic Viennese apple strudel are only some of the authentic, fresh baked goods you’ll find at Kaiser Bakery. The stand also offers warm apple cider in addition to its warm baked goods.


Knödel Haus

Knödel are boiled dumplings that

are a common addition to German, Austrian, and Hungarian meals. Made out of potatoes or flour, knödel are often served as a side dish, but can also be found in soup or eaten as a dessert with fruit or compote. This year, our knödel haus will be

provided by Andy’s Kitchen


Kogler's Bakery

Our baked goods are locally

produced and are handcrafted in

small batches utsing the freshest ingredients available. Kolger’s Bakery has been selling quiches, strudel, breads & pastries in Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska and Wyoming since 2003. 

La Montagne des Saveurs.jpg

La Montagne

des Saveurs

La Montagne Des Saveurs was started by Joy and Damien Campomar in the small town of Avignon, France.  Their passion for local cheeses took them from admirers to cheese artisans.  Their cheese is produced and aged in caves with fresh

farmers milk from different

regions of France. 



by Greeks

Original by Greeks' menu features a wide selection of flavors from Greece. Ranging from savory Gyros and Greek specialties, to sweeter items such as Loukoumades (fried Greek donuts) Bougatsa and Baklava. This year

they will also offer a German

market special, a Berlin

Doner Kebab!

Pierogies Factory.jpg



When Cezary moved to Denver from Poland, he quickly realized that the people of Colorado needed to be introduced to Polish cuisine, especially pierogies. Pierogies are delicious dumplings with a wide variety of fillings including potatos and

cheese, pork, mushrooms,

and more. 

redemption road.jpeg

Redemption Road


We sell high quality single origin, fair trade coffees, including 2 whiskey barrel coffees! We also have a coffee accessory line up that includes

coffee chapstick and candles

and much more.


S'mores Haus

S'mores Haus specializes in gooey & decadent artisan s'mores for those with a sophisticated palate or the kid at heart. We provide everything you need for a s'more experience, including a roaring fire.This year we also have a variety of Artisan S'mores Gift Bundles, a perfect gift for the person who has everything.!


Speck Haus

One of the more delicious charcuteries, Speck is cured,

smoked, and aged ham. Traditionally from a region of southern Austria, Speck in often cured with spices such as juniper and bay leaves, giving it a deep, nuanced flavor.  This year, our Speck Haus will be provided by

Andy’s Kitchen, a returning

vendor to the



Styria Catering

Chef Neuhold is an award winning, European-trained chef, and food savant! Chef Neuhold’s booth this year at the Denver Christkindl Market will feature a German Specialty booth, a Cookie Haus, and a Brat Haus.


Tea with Tae

Tea brings people together and makes people happy -- especially when someone is receiving tea as a gift. Our focus at TWT is to not only produce delicious and accessible tea blends, but also present our tea in beautiful packaging that can be given as a gift to your friends, family, and loved ones

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