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Blinchiki are Russian style crepes, brought to the Christmas Market by Gugu International. These blinchiki are made using grandma’s old recipes, that are passed on from one generation to another, which makes these crepes special and unforgettable. All the ingredients are local fresh organic products that make for a delicious meal!


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Björn's Honey

Small batch, local honey producers out of Boulder, Colorado combine a love of tradition with a commitment to quality to bring you Björn’s Colorado Honey. This shop offers all things organic and honey-related, including royal jelly face cream and hand lotion in addition to their traditional honey and honeycomb in boxes.


Learn more about Björn's Honey here.

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Knödel Haus

A traditional Central European food, knödel are boiled dumplings that are a common addition to German, Austrian, and Hungarian meals. Made out of potatoes or flour, knödel are often served as a side dish, but can also be found in soup or eaten as a dessert with fruit or compote. This year, our knödel haus will be provided by Andy’s Kitchen, a returning vendor to the Christkindl Market. Fun fact, Chef Andy is also a professional guitarist and yodeller. You can find him on stage some days of the market.

Bob's Roasted Nuts

All natural ingredients are all you’ll find in the handmade, small batch nut products of this family-run operation; each order begins with high quality nuts roasted in a traditional copper kettle, covered in water-sugar-cinnamon vanilla and cooked to perfection.


Learn more about Bob's Roasted Nuts here.

Istanbul Cafe & Bakery

The only authentic Turkish dessert and pastry shop in Colorado. Their baklava is made out of 42 layers of handmade filo dough with generous layers of Turkish pistachios. Their Böreks are all hand made and filled with highest quality ingredients. Alkaline water is used to brew Turkish coffee and tea. 

Learn more about Istanbul Cafe & Bakery here.

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Chocoidea brings us international chocolate carved into unique designs including realistic hand sculpted tools and figurines that will leave you in awe! These special chocolate creations are the trademark of A.M.Schoko – a company headquartered in Germany and founded by Mr. Luca Modolo. As an Italian, Modolo’s passion for chocolate is in his blood. He hopes to bring his customers a taste of ‘la dolce vita’ (the sweet life) through a chocolate experience that touches all five senses and by providing memorable gifts for friends and family. Learn more here.

Styria Catering (by Chef Neuhold)

Chef Neuhold is an award winning, European-trained chef, and food savant! Originally from Austria, Chef Neuhold rose from a three-year apprenticeship at the Austrian Park Hotel in 1973 to cook virtually all over the world, preparing fine meals for a wide range of dignitaries including Pope John II, Queen Elizabeth, and former U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Chef Neuhold’s booth this year at the Denver Christkindl Market will feature a German Specialty booth, a Cookie Haus, and a Brat Haus. We can hardly wait!

Learn more about Styria Catering here.

House of Stewart

The House of Stewart offers traditional Scottish Tablet, Highland Cream, Scottish Caramels & Shortbread all made in Colorado with no corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup, and no added chemicals or color. We also have gift boxes, hampers and a unique selection of tea and tea accessories. Treat yourself, or give as a part of your gift giving solution.


Learn more about the House of Stewart here.

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Kaiser Bakery

Cinnamon pretzels, Christmas Stollen and authentic Viennese apple strudel are only some of the authentic, fresh baked goods you’ll find at Kaiser Bakery. The stand also offers warm apple cider in addition to its warm baked goods.


Learn more about Kaiser Bakery here.

Burton's Maplewood Farms

Being the producer of the official syrup of the National Maple Syrup Festival, Burton’s Maplewood Farm guarantees the best. These delicious syrups will convince you that, more than simply a tasty topping for breakfast pancakes, maple syrup is the North American ambrosia.


Learn more about Burton's Maplewood Farms here.

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Speck Haus
One of the more delicious charcuteries, Speck is cured, smoked, and aged ham. Traditionally from a region of southern Austria, Speck in often cured with spices such as juniper and bay leaves, giving it a deep, nuanced flavor.  This year, our Speck Haus will be provided by Andy’s Kitchen, a returning vendor to the Christkindl Market. Fun fact, Chef Andy is also a professional guitarist and yodeller. You can find him on stage some days of the market.
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Kogler's Bakery

Our baked goods are locally produced and are handcrafted in small batches utsing the freshest ingredients available. Kolger’s Bakery has been selling quiches, strudel, breads & pastries in Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska and Wyoming since 2003. We enjoy being at farmers markets, festivals, and special events bringing fresh artisan breads, European pastries, quiches, and other scrumptious treats. Our bakery is in Lakewood, Colorado. While we do not have a retail shop, we take special orders for event pick up.


Take a look at Kogler Bakery's onsite menu here. Learn more about Kogler's Bakery, here.

Corey's Chocolate
Corey’s Chocolate is handcrafted in Estes Park, Colorado with a commitment to high-quality ingredients and the best-sourced chocolate in the world. Head Chocolatier, Corey Crespi has spent time learning from world-class chocolatiers in Paris and Brussels and continues to hone his craft as a chocolatier while creating new recipes and sharing them at markets all over Colorado. Some of Corey's Chocolate's offerings at Christkindl are handcrafted molded chocolates and truffles, peppermint bark with Belgian chocolate, and our thin slabbed English-style toffee.
Learn more about Corey's Chocolates, here.
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