Frequently Asked Questions


What are the opening/closing hours for the market?

The Christkindlmarket will be open from November 18 – December 23, 2022.

Opening hours throughout the week are:

Sunday - Wednesday: 11am - 7pm

Thursday - Saturday: 11am - 9pm


Thanksgiving Day: 11am - 4pm

December 17 - 23: 11am - 9pm


What COVID-19 precautions will be in place at the 2021 Denver Christkindlmarket?

In accordance with the State of Colorado's COVID-19 mitigation guidelines, there are no capacity restrictions at this year's Denver Christkindlmarket. We ask all visitors to be mindful of protecting themselves and others by wearing a mask when not vaccinated, sanitizing their hands regularly, staying home when feeling under the weather, and social distancing. 

Update for the Festival Hall: It is mandatory to wear a face covering inside the tent/Festival hall when not seated at a table.

For the most current CO State regulations, please visit

What forms of payment are accepted at the market?

The Denver Christkindlmarket bars now accept both cash and credit cards. The majority of vendors at the Christkindlmarket accept both cash and card payments as well. In the case that guests do need cash, there are ATMs within the perimeter of the Market available for withdrawals.


Is there a lost and found at the market?

Please inquire at the bar, if you believe that you have lost/forgotten something at the Market.


Is this a family friendly event?

Families with children of all ages are welcome at the market! There will be plenty of entertainment for children, as well as sweets and pastry vendors and an opportunity to meet the Christkind (the market’s namesake!) and Saint Nikolaus on specific dates. Hot chocolate will also be served at the market. Children may enjoy the dance floor in front of the stage - an opportunity to dance to the live music in the Festival Hall. However, children and guests are kindly asked to stay off of the stage itself and away from audio equipment. We ask that young children be supervised by parents at all times.

Is this event accessible for wheelchairs?

Yes, the Market is wheelchair accessible, with ramps, as well as ADA-accessible toilets.


Is this a dog friendly event?

Our furry friends are always welcome at the Market. Please take care to keep your pets on a leash at all times and clean up after them. In the event that your pet is unfriendly towards other customers, our security personnel will have to ask you to escort the pet to another location.


Does the Market ever close due to weather conditions?

In the unlikely event of severe weather conditions causing a delay or cancellation of the markets’ opening hours, updates will be posted on our website, social media, and will be added to the voicemails of all staff members.  Subscribers of the Denver Christkindlmarket newsletter will also receive an email notifying of any closures due to weather or other extreme conditions.  Subscribe to the newsletter here.


Where can I find the Entertainment Schedule?

Please find the Entertainment schedule here.


Does the market have open wi-fi?

The Christkindlmarket does not provide wi-fi for its guests, however guests are welcome to use hot spots on the premises.


Will the Broncos/Avalanche games be shown at the market?

We will not be showing any sports games as to preserve the traditional Christkindlmarket atmosphere.


How should I proceed in the case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency, please proceed as you would at any other location.


Denver Police Department Contact Information:

Dial 911 for emergencies ONLY

Non-Emergency Help: 720-913-2000

Sex Offender Hotline: 720-913-6511

Hate Crimes Hotline: 720-913-6458

Saint Joseph Hospital


1375E 19th Ave

Pediatric Emergency Department and Urgent Care at Denver Health


777 Bannock St. #1


Rules of thumb:

Please be respectful of the time and effort required to make this event possible, and clean up after yourself and your party, especially in the pop-up café spaces throughout the Market. Help us keep the Christkindlmarket clean!



What is the drinking policy?

Alcoholic beverages are available for the enjoyment of all guests at least 21 years of age who bring valid identification with proof of their age. Outside alcohol is strictly prohibited. The Bar Staff has the authority to refuse to serve any guest at any time for any reason.


Where can I enjoy my drink?

Alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed within the Christkindlmarket’s fenced-in perimeter, which is clearly marked at each entrance.  In 2020, in accordance with Colorado restaurant guidelines, food and beverage can only be consumed at tables with your immediate party. Alcohol cannot be taken out of the fenced-in perimeter. Tables will be available in the Greek Theater, around the Seal Pond, and in other various location throughout the market.

How many drinks can one person purchase at a time?

We ask that individuals only purchase two drinks at a time and that they bring the valid identification of those for whom they are buying the drinks.



Where can I find restroom facilities?

The nearest restroom facilities are the portable toilets located in both zones of the park. We recommend that guests use these facilities as they are cleaned daily and have ADA accessibility.



Can I watch the Parade of Lights from the Christkindlmarket?

Traditionally the Parade of Lights is staged at Civic Center Park before the floats parade through the streets of Denver.  The 2021 Parade of Lights has not yet been formally announced, but we will update this page as more information becomes available.

Parade of Lights Tips:

For safety reasons, it is prohibited to climb onto any structure, including fences, restroom facilities, office buildings, huts, and tents. Additionally, park entrances must remain clear to avoid creating a fire hazard. Guests that attempt to climb or move any market structures from their original position will be asked to leave. Finally, please remember to be respectful of those around you so that everyone can fully enjoy the parade.



Is there reserved parking for guests attending the Christkindlmarket?

There are no designated parking lots specifically for the Christkindlmarket. There are several options for parking near the Market, including metered street parking, parking lots, and parking garages.


For a complete list of options on how to get to the Market, visit our How to Get There page.



How can I contact the vendors featured at the market?

To contact our vendors please either visit our Crafts Vendors or Food Vendors pages on our website.  This page provides descriptions of each vendor and links to their online shops.


Rules of thumb

Please treat all vendors and staff members kindly and with respect. All our staff members work hard to make this event possible and keep guests happy - we invite you to help keep our staff happy as well!



I would like to make a suggestion for the market, how can I do that?

Please contact us with any feedback or suggestions for the market at or call us at 303-837-1146. Feel free to write us a note using the message option on our contact page.