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COVID-19 State of CO Regulations

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the State of Colorado and the City of Denver.  In order to operate safely, the Denver Christkindlmarket is adhering to state-sanctioned and CDC guidelines to protect our guests, vendors, entertainers, and staff. Thank you for your adherence to these guidelines and helping us create a safe space for all of our visitors.

This page has not yet been updated for the 2021 Christkindlmarket.

11/21/20 UPDATE: Level Red

On Friday November 20, Denver County was moved to Level Red.  The Denver Christkindlmarket is still permitted to continue, however all alcohol sales will end at 8pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights until further notice.  The Market itself will remain open until 9pm on these nights, and you will be able to enjoy your beverage until we close our gates.

The Venue

Our move to Civic Center Park gives us a lot more breathing room, 60,000 square feet to be exact.  This larger space allows us to setup huts a bit further apart than previous years, which creates more space for social distancing.  We ask that you remain in your group as you move about the Market.  The space also allows us to create a continuous loop and a one-way directional flow.

Entrance & Contact Tracing

The Market will feature two entrances, one on the north end of the promenade at the Seal Pond, and the other at the south end at the Greek Theater.  At the entrance, all guests will need to sign in with their phones (via QR code) or on our tablets for contact tracing purposes. We will have tablets at each entrance where folks can sign in using our devices.  We will be cleaning the tablets after each use, but please note that the tablets are a “high-touch” area of the Market and therefore we are encouraging folks to use their own devices.


If you plan on drinking at the Market, this is where your ID will be checked, and you will receive a 21+ wristband.


Max Capacity

If the Market has reached its max capacity as deemed by the State of Colorado, you will be asked to queue outside of the entrance until space is available.  As of the opening of the Market on November 20, 2020, each zone has a max capacity of 75 people.

Entering the Market will be available on a first-come, first-served basis; reservations will not be available.  If you want to skip waiting in line, we recommend visiting during off peak hours earlier in the week. (Peak hours are typically Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.)


The Market will be split into two zones, the North Zone and the South Zone.  It is possible to move between zones. Each zone has a max capacity and groups will be asked to wait before moving between zones by one of our staff.  We thank you for your patience when waiting to move between zones.

One-Way Flow

The Market is laid out with a one-way directional flow.  Please follow arrows and other signage for guidance.


All guests, vendors, and staff will be required to wear masks while onsite at the Market.  Per the State of Colorado, masks will be required of all guests and there are no exceptions.  Masks must be worn over both the mouth and nose.  Masks may only be removed when seated at a table.  Entertainers will be permitted to perform onstage without masks and will wear masks when offstage.

Mask Exemptions

Unfortunately if someone has difficulty breathing with a mask, we cannot endorse visiting a marketplace where we know others will be in attendance.  Per Colorado restaurant guidelines, guests are welcome to remove their masks at tables when consuming food and beverage.  When guests (and vendors and entertainers) are moving about the marketplace, they must keep their mask on.  Those who are not comfortable wearing masks can visit many of our vendors online in our online marketplace.

View the Denver Public Health & Environment Face Covering Order.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrances and throughout the Market.  We encourage all guests to use hand sanitizer as needed, and also highly encourage the wearing of gloves and mittens.

Feeling Sick?

We ask that any guests who are feeling sick or are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 to please stay home for the safety of our guests, vendors, entertainers, and staff.


Vendors will wear masks and take daily temperature checks before entering the Market.  Vendors who are sick or exhibiting any symptoms will stay home.

Eating & Drinking

The Market would not be the same if you could not enjoy a delicious stein of beer, mug of gluhwein, or a delicious giant pretzel.  All of the food and drink you have come to love at the Market will be available, but this year we ask that you please enjoy these products only while at one of our many tables placed throughout the park.

The Denver Christkindlmarket is adhering to Colorado restaurant guidelines, and among them is the requirement to consume only at a table with your immediate party.  With that in mind, we’ll be placing a lot of tables throughout the Market, with the majority being found in the Greek Theater and around the Seal Pond. 

Festival Hall & Bar Stations

Because a crowded tent does not allow for social distancing, our festival hall will not be making an appearance at the 2020 Denver Christkindlmarket.  Instead, we have created a lot more huts where you can grab beer, gluhwein, and hot cocoa, which will be located across the park.  The 2020 Market will be a completely open-air experience, and heating lamps will be placed throughout to help keep you warm and cozy.  Be sure to remember your scarf and mittens or grab one onsite from one of our craft vendors.


Cleaning Staff

Over the past few years, Always Hauling has done an amazing job at keeping our Market clean.  This year, we are adding some additional staff who will disinfect tables between uses.  Please help us keep  costs low by bussing your table after finishing your meal, at which point staff can quickly disinfect for the next guests.



Entertainment will still take place this year, with most performances taking place on stage in the Greek Theater.  Due to State of Colorado regulations, the 2020 Market will not feature a dance floor (but we hope to bring it back in years to come!).  Instead, we ask that you enjoy performances with your group while remaining socially distanced from others.  We have a few surprises in store with entertainers, including a group that will have no trouble being seen from a distance.  Stay tuned to our website for more information on performers!


St. Nik, the Christkind, & Krampus

St. Nikolaus, the Christkind, and Krampus are staples of the Denver Christkindlmarket, and we want to make sure we do our best to keep them safe before they fulfill their Christmastime duties later this December.  To make sure they don’t get sick before their big workdays, they will be making very limited appearances at the Market.  They may even show up in the background of your photos, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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