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Parade of Lights will be taking place on Saturday December 2, 2023 and the Market will look a little different that day. Familiarize yourself with the changes and recommendations below!

  • Please be aware that this is the busiest day at the Denver Christkindlmarket, so consider visiting on another day if you would like to avoid crowds.

  • Entrances to the Market will be moved due to the closure of Bannock St. for the Parade. There will be one entrance on the north-western side of the park, accessible from Colfax. The second entrance will be on the eastern side of the park, accessible from Broadway (see map on the left). We will add an additional exit in the Greek Amphitheatre out towards Broadway.

  • 14th St. will also be closed. Make your way around 14th to get to the Broadway entrance.

  • Enjoy the views of the Parade from the Market safely - do NOT climb on any of the huts, tents, fences, or other structures inside of the Market.

  • Safety for event attendees and participants is of the utmost importance and this includes the potential need to institute a maximum capacity within the event perimeter. Entry gates may be temporarily closed as we institute a “one out, one in” policy to prevent overcrowding. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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