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Parade of Lights 2022

Parade of Lights will be taking place on December 3, 2022 and the Market will look a little different that day. Familiarize yourself with the changes and recommendations below, and get ready to enjoy the Market on our busiest day of the year!

  • Entrances to the Market will be moved due to the closure of Bannock St. for the Parade. There will be one entrance on the north-western side of the park, accessible from Colfax. The second entrance will be on the eastern side of the park, accessible from Broadway.

  • 14th St. will also be closed for the second half of the day. Make your way around 14th to get to the Broadway entrance

  • Have your ID ready once you get to the entrance. Guests that are 21+ will receive a wrist band upon entering.

  • Enjoy the views of the Parade from the Market safely - do NOT climb on any of the huts, tents, fences, or other structures inside of the Market.

Parade Of Lights Map 2.png
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